Good Colors are Nothing Without Strong Light an Tones

After showing some of my screen shots to my professor, peers and even my mom they all had the same question in mind. “Ummm where is the light coming from?” Well in my old blueprint layouts I left the light source for the cave more open ended so that I could light certain scenes more “artistically” but evaluating things now I feel that the cave environment needs a strong more simplified light source. I am currently working on this now by first creating a new blueprint layout that includes a strong directional light and then by darkening other tones in the film to emphasize the main source of light. This shouldn’t take more than a couple of days to complete at this stage of development. I’m glad I showed my work to people and was able to catch my mistakes early in the final layout process. I’ve included some drawings from the legendary Paul Felix and Hans Bacher so you can see how clear I want my light sources to be. I’ll have the revamped layouts soon so stay tuned.


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