A Few Finished Scenes for you to Enjoy

Its been a while since my last update so for all those concerned please know that I am alive and well. I’ve finished all of my layout sketches and have already plunged into finishing scenes with final colors and backgrounds. I would have posted something earlier but I’ve just been too busy on the grind with this film. Its been a quite a long time coming but I feel the final look of this short far surpasses what I could’ve done nearly a year ago when I started this project. In this post I have a included a video showing three finished scenes at random. If I stick to schedule I should have all the visuals done by mid September. I hope you enjoy what I have here and I’ve also put some new things in the Vis-Dev page so be sure to check that out before you browse to other online interests.

The Wishing Fountain Select Scenes from Greg Mitchell on Vimeo.


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