Animation Revisions DONE

I finally finished all the animation and scene revisions that my teachers and peers suggest and edited the film back together. This has taken me about 2 months but I feel that the film has improved exponentially from it. Honestly now if I wanted to I could turn the short into a real film festival. Granted, it would have to be a festival that praised films with inconsistent ugly backgrounds and no sound but a festival none the less! Now I’m finally working on the fun stuff. THE BACKGROUNDS and such. I’m currently doing layout sketches for each scene so I can have something solid to go off when I start digital painting. I’m also exploring some new fun shapes to depict the icebergs and rocks in the cave to give it a bit more pizaaas (I guess that’s how you spell it). I have a few of my rough personal sketches up in this post and I’ll have all the clean layouts before the end of the month. Thanks for checking out another installment of “The Wishing Fountain Blog” dum dum duuum.


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