Powergain Pencil Test

So its been a little while since my last post because I had to go and visit the fam in South Carolina, but I have been able to knock a clean pencil test of a scene I’ve been working on. This took waaay too long to do without a cintiq screen by the way. In this particular shot the man has just been granted the powers of the wishing fountain and realizes that he too has amazing blue power in his hand. He lifts up his hand and the power explodes in his face, don’t take that line the wrong way you guys. From this scene he learns how to harness the blue energy in order to defeat the large red monster. Progress is a few days behind due to the vacate but I should be done with all the professor revisions by the end of the month.


S14 Powergain Pencil Test from Greg Mitchell on Vimeo.


The Work Nobody Sees Pt.1

Throughout the months I’ve worked on this film there have been large periods of time where many have asked, “So, show me what’s new Greg,” and my response is “I don’t really have anything to show,” to which they reply with a judgmental look followed by a dismissive walk away. During those times I was working on animation revisions, edits and scene changes to enhance the clarity of my compositions. I wasn’t just slacking off and watching car reviews, well maybe some of the time, but definitely not for the most part! Naturally in this post I would show you guys a completed fleshed out set of storyboards but I don’t have that for this film. Instead, since this short has evolved from a 30 second quick animation to a nearly 3 minute shortfilm, I have a ton of loose script writing and thumbnail drawing that flood my sketchbooks. If I were to do this again I would NEVER EVER plan out a film this way but this was a lesson learned. Here are a few of those pages. Also, the film is making great progress!

New Title

Taking the overall mood of my film into account, I feel I’ve made a title that generally reflects what it is. I used a green inner shadow to emulate the green glow from the cave walls and coupled it with rustic lettering. They’re not perfect, but this film has to get done.

Now the decision is either the white lettering or the yellow. I’m leaning more towards the yellow because it signifies the gold fountain.

Push to the end!

I, Gregory Mitchell, have been working on this short for several months now using Toonboom Animate Pro and now it is time to finally finish it off! First task at hand is creating a tittle for the film so it has some identity. Next up is going through the revisions my professors at SCAD have suggested. I should be done with those tasks by the middle of June and then I can finally start on the fun stuff, the backgrounds! I’ll be updating this blog regularly with my progress up until its completion and festival showings. So stay tuned folks for more to come.